Holiday Skin Care Tips 

Oftentimes, people look forward to the holidays with thrill. They always imagine returning to their hometowns and meeting their friends and family again. However, for a couple of people, preparations for the holidays can be tiring. If you add a series of Christmas parties and late-night events, you’ve got the best formula for skin stress.  

Luckily, aside from going to a Frisco dermatology clinic, there are a couple of ways to keep a bright and fresh appearance through the holidays. Here are some of them: 

Hydrate Your Skin Before You Travel 

This is an extremely crucial tip if you will have to head home on an air-conditioned mode of transportation, such as an airplane. The cold and dry air can get rid of the moisture from the skin. If you want to avoid this, you should get your skin ready a couple of days before traveling. You can avail deep skin hydration, pull on a moisturizing face mask, or look for a hyaluronic acid serum. When it is time to go, you can keep a bottle of lotion in your purse. 

Utilize a Sleeping Mask 

Is your skin a bit grayish? Well, perhaps you are tired. You should look for a sleeping mask in the nearest beauty supply shop. You can help your skin get back its glow by morning with the help of extracts from watermelons or bearberries, and ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin B3. You should also fight sleep deprivation by sleeping properly.  

Soothe Puffy Eyes 

Your eyes can swell easily the next morning if you are always going out late at night. However, this is not avoidable, especially during the holidays. Fortunately, you can get rid of swelling by massaging around the eyes using your fingertips and a dab of unscented facial oil. In addition to that, you can press chilled tea bags, chilled spoons, or ice cubes against puffy skin. 

Furthermore, you can try to sleep with your head supported using a thick pillow the next time you come home late at night. This can help lower retention of fluid in the skin under your eye.  

Pick Your Drinks 

Your schedule during the holidays might include a couple of nights out, parties, and get-togethers. Of course, during these events, you will have to indulge in sugary and alcoholic drinks. This means that you will have more chances of getting blemishes and breakouts on the skin.  

If you want to drink, it’s best to go for pomegranate-based cocktails, red wine sangria, and other drinks that are rich in antioxidants. Also, it’s best to drink a glass of water every drink.  

Do Not Eat Too Much 

Food and holidays come together. Thus, in general, you will be loaded with cholesterol, gluten, sugar, salt, and other ingredients you would usually avoid. In addition to that, warm and spicy meals can worsen particular skin illnesses, like rosacea. You are probably going to eat more fast food as well if you are traveling for the holidays. That’s why you should not overindulge.